Sunday, August 14, 2011

Patiently Waiting Jane

Dear Jane,
Oh how excited I have been to start our journey together.  Even the preliminary “practice” blocks I have done get me swooning.  However, Jane, I will have to delay a bit more as I have over-extended myself once again.  Either that or I am just lazy.  (I am more inclined to believe the lazy part!)

I still have 20 blocks for my Michael Miller BOM (yes, I am behind) & 6 paper-pieced stars for my chain gang & 2 new blocks for the Nifty Nine Patch.  The project I am working on at work is stressing me out & occupying my brain outside of work hours. And I still haven’t finished the great sewing room migration.  My new bedroom works very well, but the sewing room looks like a tornado hit! This is in addition to normal everyday things like grocery shopping, laundry & dishes.

One piece of good news, Jane!  I no longer have all of my Saturdays full!  I only have clubs on the first & third Saturdays of the month, so next month looks really good!  Also, a good friend came over & installed my garbage disposal this week, so I am a happy camper!

I did spend some time with Dear Jane-EQ last week, so I am still familiarizing myself with that.  It’s a pretty cool program, but I wish it had all the functionality of the regular EQ programs.  I can’t edit the blocks except to change the colors.  I would like to change the rotary cutting instructions to use fewer pieces, but it won’t let me do it.

If I can get my butt in gear today & wake up, I am sure I can whip out those 20 blocks.  I think the stars will take considerably longer since I am no pro at paper-piecing, so I might leave them for next weekend.  We’ll see.  Oh, but first I have to make peanut butter banana bread for work tomorrow.  One more distraction!

I really want to get going so I will leave you here.  Dear, dear Jane.  I so look forward to seeing you again!

Piece out!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Today's Doin's

Well, I got three blocks done & sorted out my hair.

I usually do a practice block for my block of the month.  This one is the practice block:


This one is the real one:

This is one of the Chain Gang blocks: on to the hair!

This was me yesterday, before I started drinking margaritas!

And this is me now!

Bit of a change!  Now I always have to wear makeup otherwise I look washed out. Oh well, I suppose there are worse things in life.

Maybe I should change my profile pic?

Piece out!


Sew many projects. Sew little time

I took today off work so that I could catch up on a bunch of stuff.  It’s supposed to be a really nice day, so it would be a shame to spend the whole day inside.

I still have to finish moving all my bedroom stuff into the small bedroom & the guestroom/sewing stuff into the big bedroom.  The quest to move my sewing into a contained space is still going forth!  I finally moved all my fabric stash onto a table in the new sewing room.  It still needs to be sorted & put into the cabinets or donated to my guild.  At least I can sleep in my own bed now instead of the daybed as it’s no longer covered with the fabric from my cabinets.   

I also have many sewing projects that need to be caught up:
o   Nifty Nine Patch block of the month (club tomorrow)-I have 2 months worth to do.
o   Rosie’s Chain Gang block of the month (club next Saturday)-I have 2 months of the chain & several months of the paper-pieced stars to finish.  At least this is the last meeting of this club.
o   Michael Miller Clubhouse (third Saturday of the month) –I have 2 months of blocks (6-8 each) to catch up on.
o   Baby quilt for a friend, but I don’t have to have that for a while.  It sure would be nice to get it finished early so I don’t have to rush at the end.
o   And of course, I want to get to my Jane blocks.

 In addition, I need to do something with my hair.  It is out of control!

 So, what do I do first?  I think I will start off with breakfast & tea.  Then make my decision!

I’ll let you know what I accomplish today.

Piece out!


Monday, August 1, 2011

My new software's here! My new software's here!

I made an executive decision. I ordered the EQ Dear Jane software. AND IT'S HERE!

I was having a harder time drafting the blocks than I thought I would. I still would like to learn to draft the patterns myself, but I can live with myself even if I use the software. :)

What am I doing typing? I'm going to play with my new toy!!

Piece out!