Sunday, January 1, 2012

gosh! It's been ages!

Happy New Year! My plans for the year include 2 very important resolutions: stay positive and finish what I start!  I had a couple others that I joked about on facebook, but I have already busted those wide open!  This is going to be a great year!  (See, the positive one is already taking effect!)

I haven't worked on Jane for several months because I have been dealing with other, regular-life stuff. 

I did go to Houston for the quilt festival and had a great time.  Stayed with my aunt who I haven't seen in years.  Saw my sister, my grandmother and my high-school best friend while I was there. didn't buy as much stuff as I thought I might.  I actually didn't buy much fabric at all, but I used all the cool things that I learned to make many of my Christmas gifts this year.  I am addicted to my Kaleidoscope Kreator! good times!

I have been busy this weekend trying to finish BOM projects before this year's start up on Saturday. It's the little deal I make with myself every year when I sign up for new ones. I was in three clubs last year and have almost finished the tops from two of them. I have only signed up for two clubs this year.  What will i do with all my time?  Probably make my projects in two or more colorways,like I do every year.

I will post some pictures of what I completed, but tomorrow.  I have to go catch up on my sleep now.  I'm too old to stay up on New Year's Eve anymore.  Either that or my body needs to stop waking up at 5 AM even on the weekends!

Until tomorrow!

Piece out!

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