Saturday, July 23, 2011

Institute the draft! (of patterns)

OMG! Four & a half inch blocks are really small! Drafting the patterns are very challenging. Not that I am not up to that challenge...I just have to put my mind in it completely.  After drafting several & figuring out instructions, I can't wait until I can get the EQ Dear Jane!

Other ideas are flowing through my brain while I contemplate the measurements and procedures. What if I did it this way? What about this? Question is, how many times will I do the same block until I am satisfied?  I may just start doing a bunch of the easy ones so I feel like I am accomplishing something! 

I'm spending this weekend working on my house. Spring cleaning in July (now that the weather doesn't act like it's winter anymore!) I'm tired of all my sewing stuff gravitating from the dining room into the living room & even the kitchen. So I am putting a stop to it. I am switching the bedrooms around & using the big room as my sewing room. I just have to figure out how to disassemble my IKEA daybed since it won't fit through the door!

More progress next week, I hope...

Piece out!


UPDATE: Disassemmbled daybed with no trouble.  The cabinets on the other hand...let's just say I will need all the ibuprofen I can handle the rest of the day & tomorrow!

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