Saturday, July 9, 2011

My first blog

I used to think I was computer savvy, but lately, I feel like I am behind the times.  I constantly hear about blogging so I thought I would give it a try.  I don't know how often I will remember to post.  I mainly started this so I have a place to post pictures of my quilt projects and talk about what I am doing.

I have been quilting since my Aunt Cheryl taught me when I was 20.  Granted, I haven't been doing it continuously since then, but she got me started. 

My very first project was huge!  I thought it would be a great gift for the owners of the company I worked for in Houston.  I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. AND I committed to having it ready for a Christmas present.  I gave each of the salons in the company a 15" piece of fabric & told them they could do anything to it but it had to be permanent.  Boy, I didn't know anything!  I got blocks with glued on sequins, blocks that were painted, blocks that were get the picture.  Sewed the whole thing together, hand quilted it & bound it.   (the cutie-pie at the top holding the quilt is my baby sis)

I only finished one other quilt after that, while I lived in Houston.  One for the guy I was dating at the time.  It was very basic and handquilted.  I moved away from Houston and didn't do any sewing for a long time.  It wasn't until I moved to Washington that I really started quilting again.

I made a couple simple baby quilts and one that was beyond my skill level at the time for my then-boyfriend.  ( a quilt to a boyfriend = kiss of death for relationship.  I need to remember that.)

When I started working for my current employer ten years ago, I really started getting back into it.   My friend Jude introduced me to my first Block of the Month (BOM) club and I have been doing them ever since (with a one- to two-year absence for working out of town).  I just recently finished my very first BOM from 2003-quilted & bound too!

This year, I am doing three different BOMs and looking at doing an online one as well.  I may have over-committed myself this time!  Here's one that I just finished last night.  It's called Atlantis.

I finish lots of quilt tops, but it takes me a long time to get them quilted.  I have no idea when I will get this one quilted or how I am going to do it.  All I know is that it will be very cool when I do!

I am sure I could go on forever, but I will save it for another post.  I rambled a bit here.  I guess I will get the hang of this blogging thing sooner or later!

Piece out!  (get it?)

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Kris, fabulous to see your first BOM from PEACOCK & periwinkle finished, quilted and bound - you did a fabulous job!