Monday, July 18, 2011

Pinwheel Gone Awry & Hunter's Moon know how your mind still keeps working when you are asleep at night?  Mine decided it was going to design my Jane blocks last night.  I took some of my printouts from EQ to work with me today & worked on a couple at lunch.  I did my cutting guide for Pinwheel Gone Awry & my inspiration piece, Hunter's Moon.

Since I don't like handwork, I wanted to do the Hunter's Moon using my new favorite technique of folding fabric back to make curves.  I mapped out what I was going to do and it seemed like a solid plan.  I couldn't wait to get home & start working on it!

I guess it's a good thing that I like to do a practice run on some old stash fabric before I do the real thing.  (sometimes it yields a second quilt by doing that!)   I think if I had done it as a larger block, it would have worked, or maybe I have to practice more than once?

As you can see, it's not really curvy or symmetrical.  I may try it again, before I resort to going the more traditional route for this block.

I also practiced my Pinwheels Gone Awry:
I will still be doing it in my color choice, which I think is going to be from my vast stash of batiks.  If I keep doing my practice blocks, I WILL have a second quilt (or many baby ones) before I am done!

They don't look too bad next to each other.

So, on we go!

Piece out!

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